Graduation is just a few weeks away and it's time for pictures. Also studying... but mostly PICTURES!!

graduation portraits in blacksburg virginia


... so that you can save those dollars for popping champagne!

To keep prices low, we are:

  • Keeping sessions short and sweet, 20 glorious minutes
  • Delivering 10 digital images
  • Allowing one outfit (plus the cap and gown) 
  • Photographing in one location

Only 18 spots available... SO ACT FAST!

Little things that make a big difference

There are a few things that can make these extra-mini sessions work for you!

  • Professional hair and make up! Obviously, not required, but we've never had anyone regret this decision. 
  • Be on time! To keep prices low, these sessions are quick. If you miss time, it cannot be made up and will result in less images or missing the session all together!   
  • Only bring one "extra." Extras are props, signs, confetti, etc. I LOVE these fun details, but too many can distract from YOU. And let's be real, YOU are awesome! :D **Be aware that you are responsible for any clean up if these extras create any waste.
  • Don't stress! No need to practice posing in the mirror! I will guide you every step of the way!!  

graduation photos

The location: Courtyard behind Price Hall

This is a great location that has an abundance of Hokie Stone, stone arches, and that Virginia Tech castle feel!

It has the perfect mix of beautiful scenery and natural light, is fairly secluded, and is 10 minutes walking distance from the Duck Pond parking lot. 

***There is construction going on in this courtyard. The photos will be taken on the opposite side, away from all the debris, etc. 


Can I bring a friend?

If you and your friends would like photographs, please book back to back sessions (one person/session). All arrive together, and we can take several group shots as well as individual portraits.

If you have more than 5 friends who are all interested in sessions, please send me an email at



ReSchedule dates

We wait until the day of to make any special calls for inclement weather and usually proceed with the session unless there are dangerous conditions.  

Before booking, make sure you are available for our reschedule dates at the same time as your original session. 


Monday, April 30th

RESCHEDULE DATE: Monday, May 7th

Tuesday, May 1st

RESCHEDULE DATE: Tuesday, May 8th