The Workshop Experience

Katelyn Freakin' James. Thank you for an inspiring workshop experience! Katelyn Freakin' James has been an idol of mine for a good long while, but this past week she has earned the "Freakin'" middle name. As 12 of us sat and chatted about our favorite photographers, we all laughed in agreement that the best of the best are awarded the "Freakin'" middle name. Jasmine Freakin' Star, Jose Freakin' Villa, Jessica Freakin' Clair... Congratulations, Katelyn Freakin' James!

**Disclaimer: I'm not saying those photographers are anything alike. However, I am saying that I adore them all for a variety of different reasons.

I knew that I would be intimidated by KJ but what I didn't expect was to look to my left and then my right and suddenly sink into my seat as I wondered if I had even evolved to the level of KJ student! My 6D that I had boasted about just a day ago now felt small next to the Mark III's that were scattered around the room and my new 50mm 1.4 was barely visible next to the swarm of red rings. Lets face it, my insecurities were snow balling out of control when I had to tell myself STOP. I didn't come here to intimidate myself, I came here to leave a better photographer and a better business woman... and that is just what I did!

Once I wrestled the fear away, I really started to plan. I filled up 38 pages of my KJ Workshop Experience notebook and went home a confident and inspired student. Most importantly, I will not be afraid to dream big any longer.




Don't forget to check the vendor list at the bottom. Didn't they do amazing?? Every detail is stunning!





KJ included some great tips on setting up menu's and other details to best compliment the theme and style of a wedding...




My favorite of the style shoot...



The Workshop Experience:ย Katelyn James

Hair and Makeup:ย Emily Hudspeth

Vintage Furniture: Paisley and Jade

Flowers and Styling: Anthomanic

Calligraphy: The Weekend Type