What is branding?

So a couple weeks ago, I announced that Bulloss Photography would be going through a total rebrand this winter. Soon after, I had a friend ask me what that even meant. I talk with so many other bloggers, photographers, and creatives that I often forget that not everyone owns a small business and might not be obsessing about branding and websites and photos all the time!! I guess it was just one of 1,000 times that I got ahead of myself!! To all of those who aren’t spending their time obsessing over the above, congrats! You are normal, and I am envious! ;)


what is branding

?? Gah, maybe I forgot to answer this because it's not an easy question! Trust me, we fumbled over this for a long time, and if I’m being honest, we are still trying to put all the pieces together. Working with and following our designer, Lauren of

Elle and Company

, has been a tremendous help in outlining what branding is. In Lauren'ts own words,

a business's brand is their identity

That couldn’t speak truer to us. Most people (including us 1 year ago) would tell you that a brand is just a logo aaaand maybe a website… and while those are very important elements of how your brand communicates to the rest of the world, they aren’t the real essence of what makes a business special. Over this past year, as the business grew and as we met AMAZING clients, we started to really understand our mission, our goals, and the kind of people we wanted to work with. Essentially we started to understand “who" the business was.

This winter we want to put the elements together to be able to communicate who the business is with not just a new logo and website (although, let’s be real, I’m already on cloud 9 just thinking about these!!) but through the entire feeling and experience that we are giving our clients, blog followers, and other business friends.

Oh, y’all, it’s an exciting time for us and I’m so excited to be able to share this branding process with all of you! Look out for more soon!!

If you want to find out more about what branding is, 

this post

 from Lauren is a great read!