We're Headed to Denver!!!

Photo credit:  Meredith Sledge  and  Megan Kelsey

Photo credit: Meredith Sledge and Megan Kelsey

Have you heard?!!! Creative at Heart Round 5 is in DENVER, Colorado!! AND Will and I are headed there this July! 

Will and I have never been that far west together and will be making a BIG ROAD TRIP out of it!

Here's what we have planned so far!

We are:

  • Flying to Salt Lake City, UT
  • Spending a week driving from Salt Lake City, UT to Denver, CO
  • Going the more southern route 
  • Photographing at the Creative at Heart Conference, Round 5!

... THAT'S IT!

Here is one of MANY possible route options:

We are still working out the rest of the details and would LOVE help on:

  • Best stops on Rt 70... or any places that we just can't miss!
  • Advice for long road trips

Honestly, if you have ANY advice or suggestions for us, we would be so happy to hear them! Comment below or contact us! 

Is anyone else doing the same thing?? Let's meet up! 

If you are considering the Creative at Heart Conference

First off, I HIGHLY recommend it. I attended the first conference just over a year ago and it was life altering, buisness altering! 

Never heard of it? Here's the 2-minute run-down:

The Creative at Heart Conference is

  • A conference for, the, you guessed it, creative at heart - the creative business owner
  • 2 days long, filled with education by the most incredible, inspiring leaders of the creative world
  • Created by Kat Schmoyer of Dear Sweetheart Events. Since creating her wedding planning buisness several years ago, she has done nothing but inspire community between creative entrepreneurs. The conference is an extenuation of that heart and ambition. 
  • A place to connect with other small business owners
  • A time to be inspired

If you want to hang out with us in July in DENVER at the Creative at Heart Conference or just want to learn more, Kat & the team are hosting a a free webinar on Wednesday at 9pm - Sign up to hear about the conference, the speakers, and learn about registration. Yay!!!