The Wedding Filmmaker Workshop Recap

I've recently realized that if the business does nothing else for us, it has gifted us with a never-ending stream of surreal moments. In what other industry do you get to meet your idols? See new places every weekend? Document love stories? Well, this past Monday and Tuesday in Richmond, VA, we again felt the power of it all during The Wedding Filmmaker Workshop by The Herrintons

Let me just start by saying that we have LOVED seeing all the work the Herrintons have put out recently!! From wedding videos to promo films, they have done nothing short of inspire us through their creative story telling. And if I'm being completely honest, it's been nice sitting back and enjoying something we know almost nothing about!! We LOVE looking though wedding photos of all kinds, but I'm always caught up in analyzing composition, lighting, editing, etc!! Seeing wedding films has reminded me of what it feels like to be part of the blissfully unaware audience again and actually EXPERIENCE a love story! It's humbling and empowering to be reminded of the importance that wedding photographers and videographers alike have on a wedding day. If you would like to find out more about "the why" of why we decided to take the leap and go to The Wedding Filmmaker Workshop, check out our original post here

Going into The Wedding Filmmaker Workshop, we had close to zero knowledge (outside of our photography background) of the craft of wedding videography. Luckily the workshop was geared to a wide range of talent and we felt welcomed and encouraged to take the leap and sit in a room of so much experience!! I'm SO glad we did!!! I can't believe how much we learned in just two short days!! Ash and Ty covered everything from gear (Will's favorite) to walking through a wedding day (my favorite)!! It was so helpful seeing both the act of shooting a wedding and the editing process after!! 

Will and I are still deciding on what our "next steps" are for videography BUT I'm SURE we will be sharing them with you as we make our decisions. :) For the mean time, enjoy some photos of the experience taken by the wonderful Kristi McKeag Photography and the video by The Herrintons that we made AT THE WORKSHOP!!! I still can't believe we went from shooting to having a complete film by the end of a single day!! Make sure to look out for some of my KILLER dance moves there at the end!! ;) !

It was great seeing how a videographer and photographer work together on a wedding day!!

Will falling in love with all the gear... lol!!

You can't tell it by this pic BUT Ashley had us in stitches just about the entire time!!

Thank you again, Kristi McKeag Photography, for our new head-shots AND the amazing photos above!!