Abhi | Virginia Tech 2016 Graduate

We've known Abhi for 5 years now! We met her when she was in high school as a Junior on the rescue squad. I really can't believe she's now graduating from college!!! Time FLIES! I still remember her in her green junior shirt! 

When Abhi first mentioned a senior/grad session, she causally mentioned including popping champagne. Obviously, I was ALL in!! She said this was a "thing" that graduates do during their pictures. She was TOTALLY right! We met at Burruss Hall and saw probably three separate champagne pops and TONS of other graduates before we had our chance to take the ideal spot in front of that iconic Virginia Tech building! 

Needless to say, we had an awesome time. The weather has been rainy for days and somehow we lucked out with perfect weather with SUN!! I'ld almost forgotten what it looked like! ;) 

Abhi, I'm so glad we could make this session happen. Will and I are SO happy for you!! CONGRATS YOU AMAZING PERSON YOU!!!