The power in patience

The last three weekends have been a whirlwind of excitement full of weddings and traveling. As each wedding day unfolds, I find myself so happy in the moment that I get home and snowball into full on wedding photographer craziness. I stalk wedding blogs, magazines, and my photography heroes for inspiration and guidance. If you other newbies out there say you don't do this, then I will let you be content in your little lie, but for me it's too real a struggle to pretend otherwise.  I've realized that as I walk down this path, I get into a frenzy of desperation. Desperation for new gear, desperation for ALL OF THE GEAR, desperation to attend every workshop, desperation to throw all of our money into marketing. Luckily, as the little photog devil on my shoulder is throwing these pitchforks into the air, there is another voice inside my head reminding me to slow down. It tells me "the most important thing you can invest in is patience."

While devil's on my shoulder and voices in my head aren't always welcome, I did appreciate this little slice of wisdom. Even though we would like to be photography superstars, it takes time. It takes control to be able to make a list of what to spend time and money on next and much more control to stick to it. Eventually, the new gear and education will happen and they will be all the more valuable because they were earned. This is where Will and I are at now actually and I've realized that it feels so powerful to have patience. 

In other news, if anyone is looking for a photog shoulder devil, I am selling mine... ;) Hurry, this one is priced to sell! 

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