The Nervous Typer


nervous-typer_0691It is still strange to me when someone mentions reading our blog. I mean I write it with at least some hope that people will find value in it, don't I? But still when it happens, I am equally flattered and totally a nervous wreck all at the same time. Does it make sense that I feel that way? No, no it doesn't, but let me explain. I have always categorized myself as an AWFUL writer. Let me be clear that when I say that I'm not trying to be the guest of honor at a pity-party. There were plenty of things I would claim that I was good at, but writing was like my kryptonite... assuming of course that I can be so bold as to compare my other qualities to that of a super hero - Ha! It was so bad, in fact, that I was the one person in my undergraduate classes raising my hand for a final test over a comprehensive final paper... yes, I was THAT GIRL. I wouldn't even let others proof read my paper for fear of revealing how bad it really was. Yikes!

Now that I'm done being a Debby-downer, let me just say how empowering it is to feel good about something I thought was my biggest weakness.ย Many of you wonderful folks out there have given me encouragement, and I couldn't be more thankful for it. Many of you have specifically mentioned my writing and even though there is a little voice inside me saying "No! No! Don't read, just look at the pictures!!!" the other part of me gets so pumped up.

Even through part of me wants to go hide under a blanket when someone mentions reading the blog,ย I cannot say it enough,ย THANK YOU. Thank you for being encouraging. Thank you for stopping me on a busy day to say how you liked what you read. Thank you for finding value in this small piece of our lives. It's beyond wonderful to be able to connect to others in a way that I would NEVER have expected. Even though my pulse still rises when I hit that "publish" button, I am comforted by your overwhelming encouragement. Thank you!