The Monday Mess - Easter!

It has been such an amazing weekend so I don't know where to start! Do you know that feeling where you are going, going, going and then when you get a minute to stop and reflect you think "Wow! That was awesome!"?? Well that is pretty much how this weekend went for us, and we still have exciting things to come including a Jimmy Buffett concert on Tuesday!! We started with the sweetest family photo shoot on Friday and then headed to Charlottesville, VA to capture a proposal! I can't wait to share more of these tomorrow and Thursday! (I think you can tell how good a mood I am in by the number of exclamation marks I use in a given post!!!! lol)

Anyways, we headed up to Charlottesville then back to Blacksburg and then to Troutman, NC all in one day! It was so long and so worth it. We got to end the day and the weekend with family (and a house full of four dogs!), and I can't think of a better way to do it.

We got hear Mrs. Bulloss sing in the choir... easter_0726

Then back to the house to let the dogs run wild...


Alex needed Chewy to like him...


Meet Mica!! This little fur ball is Christian's pup and is already fitting right in...


Autumn and Chewy are definitely tied for the biggest "personalities" and like to let the world know.


The best way to spend any nice day?? Sitting on the deck of course...



Recah and I were so excited to go to Davidson to have a little photo date! More to come later!!