The Monday Mess


I will admit that this weekend felt unusually balanced. Lately, I feel like our weekends are so packed with running around that we wake up on Monday wondering where the time went, but this Monday, I feel we got so much accomplished AND had time for fun in our personal lives. Crazy right?? Who knew you could be both productive and find hours of leisure time. Now that I think of it, maybe Will and I secretly found some worm hole or something... I don't really see any other logical explanation... ;) Shhh don't tell. A couple productive things we did this weekend:

  • Will finished the first weekend in a series of two to get diver certified! He has been wanting to be certified since I met him and when the rescue squad held a class for the swift water team, he was all in.
  • A little editing, plus some editing, and then a few emails, and then a little catching up on regular business tasks, of which I will not bore you with
  • A sweet maternity session! I would love to share every image of this sweet session right this second, however I am holding restraint until tomorrow! :)

A couple random things we did for no reason other than to laugh, smile, and have some fun:

  • Rented a terrible movie on Redbox and forced ourselves to watch the whole thing... I asked Will if he wanted to see that cute movie with Cameron Diaz in it because she is just so sweet. I was thinking of "The Other Woman" but Will found and rented "The Counselor." NOT the same thing. I am not sure how something can be so consistently and remarkably awful for that duration of time BUT we still had fun with belly aching laughs at just how terrible it was.
  • Watched the Hokies beat Ohio State!!! Ok, sorry if there are any Ohio State fans out there but it was definitely one of the best moments of an already awesome weekend. We seriously jumped up and down in a crowd of friends for the last several minutes of the game shouting at the TV and each other. That might not seem awesome to everyone else but these Hokies were smiling!
  • Ran a couple miles with the pups. They just love going for runs and are pretty content considering they got to go on Saturday AND Sunday. Plus they got to see me totally eat it while stopping for a couple steps. I guess I haven't yet mastered the fine are of walking. It's ok, Autumn and Alex have assured me that they will walk with me as long as it takes to get the hang of it. Aren't they the sweetest??