The Monday Mess

I often talk about busyness on Mondays but don't often talk about thankfulness. This Monday I can say that we had a very busy weekend and are tired at the thought of all we squeezed in. However, what I should say is that we are thankful for all the wonderful opportunities that we are able to take advantage of. We may be taking a small toll on our weary feet but we have full hearts knowing that we are taking steps in the right direction. Every one of these tiring wedding weekends makes us more excited for our "little" photo dream. Cheers! A couple things I learned this weekend:

  • I am a TERRIBLE navigator... We did not make it a mile into DC before we had managed three wrong turns while Google Maps and I battled it out. I don't know who won that war but I'm calling it a solid draw considering we made it in and out with our sanity... ish. Oh and by the way, if you are smart about all the terrible wrong turns, you could eventually end up on the correct road... #winning?
  • Starbucks lattes are a good source of energy. Nope, not true. BUT their sugary caffeinated goodness were good pick-me-ups this weekend when we needed a jolt. :D
  • If you tell your husband it's ok to buy a crossbow, he WILL buy a crossbow. This may seem like a strange addition to this list of wedding weekend events, but on the way home we were talking about hunting season and it just so happens that there is a Gander Mountain between DC and Blacksburg. Crazy right? It feels a little strange to own a crossbow and I promise we aren't crazy mountain people...

By the way, these two are coming to the blog tomorrow!! Their sweet DC wedding was nothing short of amazing!