The Monday Mess

This weekend was jam-packed. Will and I have been so lucky to have full schedules this summer and this past weekend was no exception. Things we learned from this weekend:

  • It is possible to go from the mere idea of a Key West vacation in January to having the hotel, plane tickets, and rental car booked and ready to go within 12 hours and with 8 of those hours being sleep-on-it hours. All it takes is a couple caramel macchiatos from Starbucks and presto - vacation motivation!
  • A kiddy pool sounds great for kids… but maybe not dogs. Will and I had the “brilliant” idea of getting an inflatable pool for our dogs aaaaaand they barely acknowledged it… Seriously, Autumn got in one time and Alex sniffed it and walked away. AND they are both lab-mixes! They are genetically required to like water! Oh well, we still say that it was the best $20 that we ever spent… plus I was able to convince Will to jump in so it got some use!
  • When photographing a wedding on a golf course, recognize that not everyone will stay "on the green.” No one was struck or injured by any flying golf balls but we quickly realized what was “safe” territory and what was not. I will not overestimate the talent of local golfers any longer!

I could not wait to share photos so here are a couple sneak peeks of Lauren and Stevens amazing Blacksburg wedding!! The full blog post will be on the blog tomorrow!!