The Monday Mess

Is it possible that it is Monday?? Is it possible that the family beach week is already over?? I'm certain that I have the same slap of reality every time a vacation is over, but WOW that went by fast. I could easily spend another seven... hundred days sitting in a fold up chair under an umbrella watching the tide slowly creep up to my toes and then recede back again. If being in paradise wasn't enough to long for, we will also be missing the full house of family. It has always been nice to me to have a large family bustling around, and there is just something about 16 people eating dinner together that is the perfect kind of chaos. There were shouts and passing of trays and flying bottles of various things. In fact from about day two, tossing items was the passing method of choice for the younger generation. If you noticed someone contemplating whether this was a good idea the only response was "commit to it!!" Needless to say, it was a good time. It will all be greatly missed!

A few favorites:


We very much enjoyed our colorful umbrellas...


Glen and Diana bout their first boat! I loved that they considered naming it after their adorable pup!!


Will loves that hat... my efforts to "accidentally" lose it have so far failed... stay tuned.


Cooks in action...


The meal finishers...


Traditional "expensive" selfie pic...


ocean-isle-nc-photographer_0365ocean-isle-nc-photographer_0339Tune in tomorrow because there will be a BEACH PROPOSAL on the blog!!!!