The Monday Mess

This Monday Will and I are hiding out on a beach in North Carolina far away from the stresses of everyday life. There are gentle breezes, crashing waves, and the occasional corn-hole tournament. There are not honking horns, piles of paperwork, or tired eyes. We are not complaining. A couple things I have learned this weekend:

  1. A week long rainy forecast cannot change the enthusiasm of a beach vacation. I think the only thing that will change is the function of our beach umbrellas!
  2. You do NOT need a net to make a water-volley ball game happen... you may need two chairs and a long metal rod. There is a pool between our rental and the beach (lucky us!) and we have already made good use of it! I will say that our make-shift net made us quick on our feet when a thundershower rolled in! Yikes.
  3. Walking along the beach holding my husband's hand is not just good, it's wonderful. Will might have been slow to convince to leave the first day of shark week behind, but I think he agrees it was worth it... even if he missed 2 ton great whites attacking seal-like devices.


Corn-hole matches...


No corn-hole game would be complete without hecklers..


Aren't they adorable??


Considering we all ran for the beach the second the rain cleared, I did not get any pictures of the beach today! This is a favorite from last year...