The Monday Mess - Happy Mother's Day!

Is it strange that sometimes only a weekend can pass by and for some reason Friday feels so far in the past, as if weeks have passed?? Well that is how I feel today! So many huge moments occurred this weekend including my little sister graduating, family visits, and everyone on Facebook reminding me that they have taken pictures with their mother!! Lol - ok, that last one might have seemed like a shot at everyone who posted a picture with their mom to say Happy Mother's Day, but really it was just a joke. I actually loved seeing everyone saying THANK YOU MOM because all you moms out there (ESPECIALLY MINE) deserve love and thanks!!! Seriously, how do you say thank-you to the mom who cleaned your cuts, who let you routinely mix ketchup with mac and cheese, who helped you with your homework, who drove you to ballet class even though you had two left feet, who pulled her hair out trying to convince you that the "boogie" man was either fictional or had moved to someone else's house?!? How can you possibly say thank you for all those things on top of all the things you don't even remember!?

Just so everyone is aware, I realize yesterday was Mother's Day. If any of you had your doubts about my schedule keeping, you can keep looking for evidence. Not only did I realize it was yesterday, I was also able to send plenty of love to my mom! I just feel like talking about it more today! You can never have too many excuses to share why your mother is amazing right?? Oh and did I mention that I am blessed enough to have two amazing mothers now?! Marriage is not so bad I guess! Lol - again please recognize the joke. 

I am not exactly following the Facebook trend of putting a picture of myself and my mother, but I like this one of Kim and mom from this weekend very much, so it is getting shared! Also, I will have a bunch more pics of Kim's graduation tomorrow!


On a more serious note, the Bulloss family and extended family are going through a very tough time. I ask that you keep the whole family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you!