The Monday Mess

I am sitting here tired but happy since I get to reminisce about our awesome week/weekend. The week itself was pretty much typical us... basically work, rescue, more work, and the occasional snapshot. However, on Friday we were lucky enough to skip town and visit Heather and DJ (and many others!) in Raleigh, NC. We headed down on Friday and grabbed a late dinner with the group before everyone confessed that they were exhausted and wanted rest for the next day. It's funny to think that we are all getting a little older and more reasonable! "We should go to bed early tonight so that we aren't tired tomorrow," never used to be a phrase we seemed to know, but I'm so glad that it is now! Speaking of more growing benefits (opposite of growing pains), we got to see Heather and DJ's new home! It was stunning! I will give them props for their awesome taste, and please plan my next house. Thanks!

The four of us ladies started Saturday morning out right by walking through the neighborhood with our mugs full of coffee and sharing the morning news/gossip... it sounds like we were about 40 years older but I swear we are all in our 20's! Anyways, we soon got to revert back to our own age as we jumped into the back of the pickup truck to travel to the brewery, which suits us all very well! :) Speaking of awesome rides, we planned for a limo to take us to the World Beer Festival so we already knew we were going to have a great ride... and then a stretch party bus arrived! Did this day just manage to get even better?? Yes, yes it did. We arrived, partied, and left in some serious style!!

The World Beer Festival itself also had some awesome moments as we traveled from tent to tent trying samples of their craft and specialty beers. Some names I easily recognized, but I looked for advice from the beer guru, my husband, whenever I literally had no idea what kind of beer was in front of me. It's kind of nice to know a little more about what's in this one versus that one. In fact, between him and his older brother, Glen, they can pick out the perfect beer for anyone! It's a very strange and handy tool in our circles.

Is it possible for me to not take a single picture with my good camera?! I guess so! Enjoy some mobile photos!

Did I mention it's hard not to feel awesome when you arrive in a giant-tinted-black-party bus??



I guess we worked up an appetite considering we averaged 2 plates per person at brunch on Sunday!