The Monday Mess

I feel like this Monday is a catch-your-breath day - which I know sounds weird! Most people get their rest on Saturday and Sunday, but we were traveling all over VA! So, even though we are working, it feels like a good day to take a deep breath and call it a refreshing start to the week! Don't get me wrong, I will never say I love Mondays (really never) BUT somehow this Monday feels oddly calming. 

This weekend we had two engagement sessions, two birthdays to celebrate, and one round trip to DC! We traveled up to DC on Saturday morning and spent the day with not one, but two, amazing couples! We will be sharing both sessions on the blog this week, so I'm not sharing any engagement images on the blog today, but I can say that both pushed us out of our comfort zones in a good way! We dodged crowds and worked with indoor lighting and honestly loved the challenge! 

On the way home from DC, we stopped in Winchester, VA to meet with my sister Kim, Kyle, and my parents to celebrate my sister and dad's birthdays! We shared mimosas, brunch, and a walk through the walking mall in downtown - it is adorable!  Here are some images from our very quick stay in Winchester: 

Aparently, Winchester is known for apples? or an apple festival? Either way, this giant apple is pretty cute... Kim and Kyle too!! ;)

Keeping it real...

Annnd Will led the family in a "subtle" way to say no more photos! I totally don't even see you guys there... :)