The Monday Mess

As usual, I love writing the Monday Mess but I do not love that today is Monday. I really believe that time moves faster Friday-Sunday and Albert Einstein would back me up on that... or at least back me up on my perception of time moving faster.  Aaaaanyways, here are a couple things that we did this weekend:

  1. Watched the Hokies lose. I'm pretty sure how they played this weekend took a year or two off my life. I love my Hokies but that was a hard game to watch. They keep playing with my heart but I'm too in love to say good-bye. How is that for dramatic?? Just wait till the season progresses.
  2. Will attended big-rig rescue class. He headed down to Raleigh, NC on Friday with other members of the Blacksburg Rescue Squad to spend a day and a half learning how to extricate possible victims of crashes/roll-overs/other large vehicles. photo (4)
  3. FINALLY figured out how to make a cheesecake without the middle sinking in. I made the mistake of watching an episode of the new season of Master Chef and suddenly had the urge to make triple layer cheesecake and chicken curry... yes I know that is a very strange combination but they were delightful when eaten separately!

Just because I like pretty flowers: