The Monday Mess

Ok you guys, sometimes I just need to pinch myself. We get so lucky to share our time with people who enrich our lives every day. From the clients that we meet and fall in love with to those amazing people we see in our daily lives, we are far too lucky. We already knew this, but this week served as a good, extra reminder. Someone asked me this week, "Well if you work a 4o hour work week and then run a photography business in your free time, when do you have fun??" It just made me laugh because even though there are definitely harder days that come with little sleep, they are worth it because we get to do what we love and we get to meet the most outstanding of people. Cheers to wonderful days and wonderful people! A couple other things I learned this week:

  • Will can spend the greater part of the week away from the house without it burning down. Now, I might not be giving myself much credit, but I always am worried that some catastrophe is going to happen when Will leaves town. Call it crazy (no really, please do) but fires just can't start if Will is in town... right??
  • When you need a 4-wheeler to get to your spot for photos, you know it's going to be a good session! Charlotte and Justin drove up a mountain so we could find the perfect spot for their engagement session. I can't wait to share more on the blog tomorrow!


  • We have a couple new tricks up our sleeve for how to keep the dogs from getting worked up when we leave the house. We have determined that this is probably what causes their chewing, considering they only misbehave in this way when we leave the house abruptly. In the mean time, please enjoy in our misery... ;)