The Monday Mess


It's vest weather!! I generally dread dropping temperatures but this weekend seemed to be the perfect degree of chilly to appreciate Fall while not freezing... aka vest weather! The leaves are already starting to change here in Southwest Virginia and I am so ready to grab some hot tea and watch the mountain side turn into a beautiful sea of orange, yellow, and maroon. A couple things we did this weekend:

  • We went to a wedding! And no, I do not mean that we photographed a wedding. This weekend was the first time this season that we got to be guests at a wedding. We obviously love love LOVE taking pictures but this time we didn't bring our heavy cameras or our fast lenses. Nope, instead we were just present in the moment. It was so refreshing to be able to sit and listen to every word in the ceremony as two of our close friends tied the knot!
  • Deciding that you want to make a herb garden AFTER the first frost is rather terrible timing, however, I do plan on making it happen. :) Does anyone know of some fun vertical indoor herb garden ideas?? I have been all over Pinterest and love some of the ideas I have found there, but would like a granulated step-by-step. As much as I like to wing it, I realize this project may need a tad more guidance.
  • We rearranged the entire living room. I spent most of my Sunday catching up on photos while Will decided to mount our TV and hide ALL of the wires!!! We really dislike wires. This might be way more exciting for me to write about than for anyone to read, but it makes me too happy not to share!