The Monday Mess

Good morning all! I don't think this weekend could ever have been long enough. The weather was amazingly perfect for this time of year, getting into the upper 60's during the day! Now that might not seem amazing to anyone else but us Blacksburg natives are used to seeing flurries (not balmy Spring weather) in the weeks before Halloween. Of course, the weather was only a big bonus to all our other fun. We had Will's parents in town, had the ground breaking for the rescue squad's new building, traveled to Crozet, VA for an beautiful engagement session in wine country, and got the BEST news that I will LOUDLY share the second I am given the go ahead! (For all you crazy people out there that don't listen when Will and I say we are not having kids in the near future - it's NOT a baby!) A couple things we learned this weekend:

  • It only takes 30 seconds of hard persuasion to convince your folks to stay the whole weekend instead of just part of a day. Will's parents only intended to visit during the rescue squad's ground breaking ceremony, but after I had a little time to convince them they stayed with us for another day!! We aren't lonely out here but LOVE company, so I practically jumped up and clicked my heels in the air when they didn't hesitate to stay another night! Since, I don't have a full group shot of all of us, here are a couple from groundbreaking...


  • Wine country & an awesome couple make for a pretty Saturday night. I can't wait to share more of this Crozet, VA engagement session on the blog tomorrow!! Jessica and Jon even brought their little pup to join the fun! Here is another SNEEK PEAK!!



  • Just because we hunt in the Fall does not mean we are barbaric. While I used to think of hunting as something only grizzly men from the woods or deep south did, I am starting to realize it's not quite like that. When Christian and Will returned from their Sunday afternoon out hunting, they quickly shed their camo and sat down for wine & cheese with B and I!! How refined, right?! We couldn't help but laugh.