The Monday Mess

This weekend Will was getting deep dive & dry suit certified. He ventured out to Lake Rawlings to dive 61 feet with the rescue squad's dive team & managed to do so unscathed... which his wife greatly appreciates. While he was out of town being a super-cool-diver-man, I managed to find almost an entire unplanned day. It. Was. Awesome! I haven't really been into sitting in my PJs with a laptop since college, but reverting back for a day was definitely not a bad thing. A couple other fun learnings from this weekend:

  • The perfect storm of Will being out of the house and an unscheduled Saturday means I get to sit in my PJs and FINALLY watch Silver Linings Playbook... well finally get to watch for the third time. ;)
  • Our dogs have a refined taste for Swedish furniture... and by that I mean we lost another Ikea chair to the chew-happy-fur-demons. I was starting to think they had gotten over this bad habit but I suppose I spoke too soon... Anyone got some puppy chewing advice?? I'm all ears.
  • After a week of rain here in Southwest VA, I am thankful for bright sunny days, especially since we had two amazing sessions this weekend!! The mix of color in the leaves and soft Fall light are just too good for this photographer to put into words. Look out for them on the blog this week!