The Monday Mess

I don't know if it was the warm air or what, but we were feeling extra nostalgic this weekend. We started looking through some of the past "Monday Messes" and other personal posts from last Spring and got to remember all the wonderful things that we did last time this year!! It was a very small trip through memory lane, but it reminded us of the importance of images and the incredible purpose they serve. 

So, in honor of the fast approaching beautiful weather, we are recapping some of our favorite moments from last Spring:

Both of our siblings graduated from college last year! You can find Christian's graduation here and Kim's here

Alex joined our family! We first got Autumn in the Fall of 2013 and it wasn't long after that we decided to adopt another little pup, Alex! It was just a coincidence that both their names started with "A"! 

Attended a Jimmy Buffett concert. It was my first time seeing Jimmy Buffett live but definitely was not Will's! 

Celebrated our first year of marriage. We even recapped what we had learned in our first year! As we approach our second year mile-stone, it's so funny to look back at this list!!