The Monday Mess

creative at heart

Oh yall this Monday I do not have much for you because I am currently at the Creative at Heart Conference in Staunton, VA. I've been in a room full of 80 women today all sharing our stories and joy, so please bare with me if I'm extra "gooshy" today!! No really, I'm starting to feel like that girl in Mean Girls who "doesn't even go here." Like "I just have a lot of feelings..." Please tell me everyone got that reference?!? Courtesy laugh?! :) Aaanyways, here are a couple things I learned this weekend:  

-My husband rocks. Now I learned this before this weekend, but he never stops surprising me. I've been so stressed lately trying to juggle everything and he just finds new ways to take the load off me. From supportive texts to being Mr. Homemaker when I'm away, he keeps me sane and reminds me that I'm a very lucky girl!

-"Likes" are great, but people are better. This was a huge awakening yesterday that was stirred up by two amazing speakers, Katelyn James and Natalie Franke. These last weeks I have become a slave to stats like Facebook likes and the number of blog followers we have. It's so sad to say that it happened but I'm thankful that I got a reminder that our business has a bigger purpose that surrounds people not stats. Seriously, it's hard for someone with a math degree to not to get a little obsessed with numbers! Gah! My nerd is showing...

-You can blog from your phone! Maybe it was laziness keeping me from setting up my laptop or maybe it was tiredness but regardless, the Wordpress blogging app is brightening my day. Cheers for technology & working on the go!


I have so much more to share from this weekend and this amazing conference but it will have to wait! Don't forget to check on the blog this Wednesday for a beautiful Richmond wedding!!!