The Monday Mess

Soooo you might have noticed that I totally neglected the blog last week. Yes, yes, it is awful to hide from my blog for that long, but at the same time it was beyond wonderful. It reminded me that I am not a slave to any part of our business. The blog is an extension of who we are. It is not an obligation. Maybe I'm not making any sense (wouldn't be the first time!), but what I am trying to say is that this free spirit needed to remain just that, free. Instead of writing from the heart, I was finding myself writing just to write and I decided that was not ok. So, I took a week to clear my head and it was perfect for reconnecting with our "mess." With this additional free time, I decided that I would love to share more of us and our life. These "Monday Messes" will be a collage of our life over the week. Basically, I feel like life is wild and crazy and I'm loving the idea of sharing our little version of that! This week was filled with wonderful little surprises like a newborn baby girl making her first appearance, a friend surprising everyone by popping-in from Japan (yes JAPAN!), and our heater totally breaking down... yes I understand that that last one was not on par with the others. It's a crazy up and down ride, hang on tight!

Anyways, here is a little visual recap of our week:

From left to right, top to bottom: Our surprise visiter Kellie!, Leslie snacking on some chocolate cake with a make-shift-spoon in between calls on a busy night at the rescue squad, Autumn napping hard in the sun room, the destroyed arm chair - courtesy of Autumn and Alex, our featured page in the Twila bridal magazine, our attempt at correcting the mud-hole in the backyard, Colleen the beautiful baby girl (more photos tomorrow!! Another sneak peek below!), Autumn and Alex relaxing in the chair that they would later destroy, either a crazy ax-murder or my husband trying to fix the heater by adventuring into the crawl space


Yes, I know this picture is terribly lit, with not everyone's face showing, and some unintentionally blurred out BUT it was a great night and should be represented! Love you all...


This newborn baby girl and her amazing parents are coming to the blog tomorrow!!