The I'm-So-Tired Crutch

Sitting here on this rainy Monday morning, I start to feel tired. I stretch and yawn and get a cup of coffee but I cannot shake it. It's the same feeling as the end of a long day, except for a few less back-aches. So sad right? Wrong.

Anyone else have the end of a long day blues? maybe every night!? Yes, yes, I know what you mean, I've had a slew of them recently.

Everyone has to deal with this. What I want to see change in myself is the way I handle it. If I'm not working into the night then I find it too easy to look over at the bed or couch and just sink in letting the house collect dust, avoiding company, and ordering in instead of cooking. Lame. So lame. The end of the day is when life is supposed to happen!! If I allow myself to give into this weary body that is screaming for a break, then I will miss out on that stress relieving run, making a meal with my husband, having a drink with a close friend, having a clean house, and who knows what else!

This month I'm making an effort to not only keep myself from hibernating at the end of the day, but to fully accomplish something every night! It doesn't have to be a huge project each night, but I want my personal life to have as many milestones and accomplishments as any other part of my day. By accomplishing something, I do not mean business! I cannot keep making the compromise that I'm either working or too tired to have a life. Nope, this girl is saying cheers to trying to have a well rounded and accomplished life!

The second and possibly more important lesson I should learn from weariness is thankfulness. It's too easy to sigh and say "Oh man, how am I ever going to get it all done?!"ย Instead I need to feel overwhelming gratitude for the workload I have. I AM thankful for the work I have! I am truly blessed to be able to do so much in a day that I can sleep soundly at night.

Will and I started talking about this whole I'm-tired-crutch on the way home from Fredericksburg with our fun stop in Harrisonburg. We kept saying how wonderful the weekend was where we got to do everything and didn't give into tiredness at the end of the day. We got to drive all over Virginia, meet with a sweet bride and her family, see Glen and Diana (family), watch Glen's band play in downtown Fredericksburg, take some photos with Dear Sweetheart Events, have a bit of Fro-yo with friends Kat and Matt after Kat's photos, and watch the Super Bowl together!!! Although, Autumn was distraught about missing the Puppy Bowl...

In honor of our first weekend beating the "tired-bug" and it feeling like Spring outside, here is a sneak peak of the Dear Sweetheart Event's photo shoot!!! More coming to the blog tomorrow!

ย DSE-wedding-flowers_0409