3 Reasons to be Thankful for Your "Day Job"

No one ever said it would be easy starting a small business while working a full time "day job," and it certainly hasn't been. Regardless of the long nights and tired eyes, it has been beyond a rewarding experience thus far. Even though I love my day job, I am too often guilty of feeling starved for time and can be caught dreaming about having more hours and energy to devote to creating beautiful images. There are days when I can't imagine sitting at any desk away from my camera for one. more. minute. BUT ladies and gents, there are WAY more times that I want to splash my face with cold water and remember that having this "day job" is by far one of the best things that could have happened to me AND to our small business. I sometimes need that rude awakening that it is something to work hard at and be thankful for. Regardless of whether you plan on going full time in your small business or not, here are 3 reasons I have found to be thankful for having a day job while growing a small business...


A day job can help you:

1. Pay your bills. Ok, I know this one is obvious, but it is worth saying. Businesses take A LOT of money to start up. In fact, in our first year of business over 85% of the money we earned went right back into the business. And let me tell you, that other 15% wouldn't have even started to touch our monthly bills. Without a steady job helping us keep our lights on and our refrigerator stocked with food, we would have never been able to grow at the rate we did or even consider continuing our dream.

2. Have the freedom to be bold. Business creatives work in a industry that relies on a good connection with followers. When your income relies fully on your small business, it can be tempting to please everyone instead of the people you really care about. There are days when I want to sensor myself but as I type, I remember that even if no one wants to work with me tomorrow, I have a steady paycheck and our family won't suffer.

3. Learn something new. Gosh, this is a big one. When we are so caught up worrying about making our business a "big" deal, we forget that our day jobs have SO much potential for learning and growth. If you sit at your day job dreaming about your small business, you are ABSOLUTELY missing out on some wonderful opportunities. I can probably name three things that I learned THIS week that I wouldn't have even considered without it. In fact, Will and I started putting a new process, learned from that awful day job, into place this week and are excited to test it out! And if this week is any indication, it is going to do wonders for our business and our personal lives!!

Do you have something special you learned at your day job?! We would love to hear!

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