Surprise Weekend Visit

We love surprise visits and were so happy when out-of-the-blue Kim and Mom agreed to come down to Blacksburg. Kim is so close to graduation and busy with all her college classes, so getting to see her is rare this semester but somehow I convinced them to come down. In my opinion there is no better surprise than family at our door!! Considering I forced Kim into helping with yard work, a photo session, and morning yoga, I'm not sure she will be making many more surprises visits! Seriously you should have seen the look she was giving me when I forced her to meditate after like 30 downward-dogs (yoga talk). We actually had a ton of fun running around Blacksburg and even enjoying some St. Patty's day drinks downtown!

Seriously, I cannot not (yes I know I just used a double negative - get at me) take photos at family visits!


Too adorable...


Ok ok, you caught me, I only included this picture because my hair looked good (total girl move)...


Mom started to understand why working in the sun room is my favorite...


The dogs had to snuggle up to Will once the snow started pouring on down...


A few more from this awesome weekend!