Sugar Shack | Richmond, VA

We talk about being on the road a lot, mostly because we are on the road a lot. What we don't do a lot of is sharing the fun places we get to eat and all the fun things we get to do on the road! Silly right? With wedding season (meaning travel season!) ramping up, we want to make a point of sharing all the fun places we get to stop and enjoy!

Our most recent travels carried us to Richmond, VA for our dear friend's wedding. Richmond is not a place we get to travel very often, so this was extra special for us! Most of Saturday was all wedding (no complaints here!!!) so we didn't do too much exploring. We decided to make a point of grabbing breakfast on Sunday before leaving town so we could see a little more of Richmond before we left. Will really wanted breakfast anything and I really wanted cake (no explanation, this girl just likes cake) so DONUTS it was! :) Will quickly found the "Sugar Shack," and we were off!

I'll be honest, from the outside, it really doesn't look like much. You could easily pass right by this little, painted brick building and never have known it was there. BUT it would have been your loss for sure! Inside, string lights hang from the ceiling and sugar seriously fills the air! 

Our favorite parts about the Sugar Shack:

  • Flavors change EVERY 15 minutes! They don't even have enough time to make labels since they are constantly switching them out. :) So neat right!? If I had been a little bolder, I would have tried the maple bacon... mmm! 
  • The smell of sugar in the air. 
  • The sweet girl at the counter that helped wade us through the 20+ different kinds of donuts that were currently available. 
  • The parking lot. Call us small town, but we prefer easy parking! :) 

Here are a few images of this new found favorite! 

Sorry couldn't resist trying them before getting a picture! ;)


Let us know your favorite breakfast spots in the comments below!