Southern Weddings Planner GIVEAWAY!!

We have been straying away from giveaways over the last several months. It's not that we don't like giving things away. Quite the contrary actually!! Will and I LOVE gift giving. We love gift giving so much that we find it hard to keep our own gifts to each other (or anyone else!) a secret! I sneak around, wrap the gift, and put a bow on it only to blurt out the surprise minutes later! It's a problem, and I don't see it changing anytime soon. The reason we have been avoiding giveaways is because we didn't want to host one without something INCREDIBLY valuable to share. Welp, I have to say that we found something AMAZING that we couldn't help but share with all those lovely southern brides out there!! 

The Southern Wedding's Planner is front to back jam packed with everything a southern gal could need to plan her wedding!! We actually gifted our sister-in-law-to-be with this over our family beach vacation and I was beyond impressed with the overwhelming amount of content and sweet southern charm filling this planner. We got to watch her dive into wedding planning, reading EVERY detail, and be consumed with wedding planning butterflies!! That alone reminded me of the sweet, indescribable feeling that all brides get when planning their wedding day and I wanted so badly to share this experience with all of you!! I SO encourage you to enter our Instagram giveaway to enter to win this incredible gift!! 

Find out more about the Souther Wedding's Planner here.

How to Enter

  1. Go to our Instagram page and the Southern Weddings Instagram account and start following along. I promise you won't be disappointed! :)
  2. Like our giveaway post.
  3. Say hi and tag two friends in the comments on our giveaway post.

Thats it!! So simple! :D The giveaway will end one week from today with winners announced next Thursday!!