A Chilly Weekend

Even though we had just gotten back from a Caribbean vacation and had time off for Christmas, these last two weeks have been filled with enough obligations that Will and I were hardly seeing one another. We were basically just sitting down for a quick dinner before going back to school work, work work, photography work, volunteer work, etc. So when we got several days in a row where we could have several hours or the whole day together we almost didn't know what to do! We are so thankful for this slow, chilly weekend!! Will found a book that he has been reading about cocktails (mixology, is that the right word?) and has been wanting very much to start making one each week. We decided we had to have some friends over for our first cocktail trial with Martinis!! I was so excited to, you know, to sip a dry martini like James Bond. Welllll, instead I sipped and scrunched my nose and mouth up... Blahk! So smooth, right? I guess I can cross off classy british spy from my list of my future hobbies... probably for the best.

Anyways, we had a great time. I'm going to forgo the James Bond martini recipe since there are a million and one versions of that on the interwebs. The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxed with a little fun in the snow with Autumn...

ย snow-day-portrait_0392

Autumn was so funny catching the snow flakes on her tongue!


Will started throwing snow balls for Autumn. I couldn't believe that she sat in the snow patiently waiting for him to throw it!