Shutter Speed Tip

A couple weeks ago I went over the very basics of shutter speed. This week, I want to share my favorite shutter speed tip! Now, this is not some ultra-secret-never-been-shared tip but it is the one that I use EVERY time I pick up my camera. Tip: When shooting my subjects, I keep my shutter speed at at least twice the measure of my focal length. Example: If shooting with my Canon 24-105mm, at 70mm, I will keep my shutter speed at 1/140 or faster. If I can, I will go much faster - in the neighborhood of 1/300-1/1000. Why? Because I am almost always shooting moving subjects and am often moving myself! Without a fast shutter speed, I would be constantly getting blurred/soft images due to capturing movement instead of "snap shots" in time. I'm not saying that I never venture out to slower shutter speeds, but it's uncommon.

Happy Friday!

Canon 50mm: Focal length: 50mm, Shutter speed: 1/320, Aperture f/1.4, ISO 400


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