Santa Hustle Half-Marathon


So, we did it! We ran 13.1 miles this Sunday and I have to say I am loving the medal even if my legs are still sore!  When Leslie first brought up the idea of running a half marathon that was just a couple weeks away in the freezing cold of December, I was an 100% no. Will, of course, was all in. So that gave us a 50/50 overall. We then headed to TN for Thanksgiving and what do you know, three of my wonderful relatives were already signed up for the same half marathon and ready to race!! What are the chances? That tipped the scales for us and with some extra pushing from Will, we signed up.

The idea behind the Santa Shuffle (other than running much farther than anyone should) was to dress like Santa for the race! They provide a Santa shirt and beard but Leslie and I wanted to go a little further and started crafting. As we sat up to our necks in red tule for tootoos, we started wanting to find an elf to do it for us. I guess we were really feeling like Santas!

The race day was not as cold as the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day(19 degrees!) but it definitely had a decent chill factor. We just put on our beards, pulled up our stockings, and started moving those feet! We all ran the whole way and finished with the thought of cookies and milk running through our minds! My Uncle Tay was 4th in his age group!

Needless to say, we had a great time. Cousin Jessie even gave us a tour of her distillery at Ole Smokey Moonshine in Gatlinburg!


Will said he was not sure how he felt about kissing his bearded wife but we convinced him anyways...







Here are a couple mobile uploads from the start and finish of the race!