Chelsea and Eric's Wedding

Oh you guys, this wedding day will go down as one of our favorites of all time. And not just because the flowers were perfectly created (Holly Chapple you are amazing!!) or because it was our first time photographing a wedding at the Salamander Resort and Spa. This one will always hold a place in our hearts because of how intimate and meaningful every moment was from beginning to end! 

We've known Eric for quite some time. In fact, he actually lived with us for several years!! He jokingly calls us mom and dad... and we jokingly brag about "our son" going off to med school and finding the perfect girl! All joking aside, it was obviously that when Eric met Chelsea, that she was THE one. Never before had we heard him talk about anything like he talked about Chelsea. 

Knowing these two medical students as we do, it totally fit when Chelsea said that they would be having a very intimate ceremony. They knew they wanted to be married and knew that a big ordeal was not for them. These two are practical, loving, and so wonderfully meant for one another. We rarely get to see love happen from the very beginning and it's truly an incredible thing to witness!!

Eric and Chelsea, we feel in love with your small gathering! Every moment of your big day was filled with love and we are so glad to have been a part of it! Here are some of our favorites! :D