Caitlyn and Brian's Wedding

This wedding was so special for so many reasons. First, it was our first New Year's Eve wedding! All the gold sparkles and black tie goodness just made our year. Secondly, it was actually warm outside!! For the end of January in Richmond, VA, the temperature was practically balmy reaching a high of over 50 degrees! This means a lot to those of us who despise the cold! ;) And thirdly (that's probably not a word), Caitlyn is an old friend from college. It has been so great seeing her find the love of her life and being able to capture her and Brian's big day! 

Caitlyn and Brian are the kind of people that balance being super classy and insanely fun all at the same time! They looked so sharp in black tie, but what I loved seeing even more than their suave attire was the way they effortlessly shared in the excitement throughout the entire day. From the first look until the get away car, I don't think I saw them looking at each other once when they weren't smiling from ear to ear. These two light each other up and I can't wait to see how much joy they continue to bring into each other's lives!

One of our favorite parts of photographing a New Year's Eve wedding is really this idea of building up to such a special day over the year, finishing it out with a celebration of love and commitment, and starting the following year with hope, love, and new beginnings. We are so excited that Caitlyn and Brian are starting a new chapter in their adventures together and that we got to send out 2015 and welcome in 2016 with them! Cheers!  

Caitlyn and Brian, we are so blessed to have been able to capture your big day! I hope you get to sit back and enjoy a few favorites from your wedding day! 

These ladies, what can I even say...

Beautiful ring!

Caitlyn, you are so beautiful!


Off to the first look!! Can you spot Brian?


So sweet!

Love that shot on the left!!

I can't believe how lucky we were to find this old white building...

These ladies and gents were SO much fun!

All the smily faces...


Off to the ceremony!


Loved these New Years attire for the guests!

Party time! Check out those moves...