It's official!! We are back to the drawing board!


Soooo remember this time last year when I bought a massively distributed blog template, added my own photos, and called it rebranding?? Well, this girl knows when to admit she is wrong and I WAS SO WRONG. I had NO idea what branding really meant... and maybe I still fully don't, but what I know for sure is that it's SO much more important than I understood at that time. One of these days I hope I can learn these big lessons without first tripping and falling flat on my face, but until that day, I think I will buy some bandaids and roll with it ;) I really don't want to skid over this mistake as if it was nothing. Even though we have been steadily increasing our business and reach, not having a cohesive, consistent brand has really been a daily hindrance. Feel free to ask Will how much hair I've pulled out knowing that our brand is neither a passionate extension of us nor representative of the amazing people we work with every day. Really the most important question has been how do we make those wonderful people that we work with feel like they mean the world to us (because they do!) with a personal, consistent, and heart felt brand and process? How do we really bring our personality outward?

Do you know what I realized? I can't do it, but someone can. I really don't remember when I first heard of Lauren of Elle and Company. but once I figured out that we needed help, it took practically no time to realize I had to work with her. In fact, about 2 minutes into our first Skype chat I just wanted to say "Ok, ok, where do I sign?!" She hit perfectly on everything that had been stressing me out for months. We have needed this real rebrand since day one but I was still happy when Lauren told me that rebranding is a long process, with several big steps to help us really dig into who we are and what we want the business to be. With taking time to do the hard work and answer the hard questions, we will have something that we absolutely love and that represents us so much better by Spring time (or even a bit earlier!!)!

I am sure I will be sending out many updates so keep a look out as we take this journey!

P.S. I just adored this post about Lauren and her business on the Dear Sweetheart Events blog yesterday!! Seriously, go read it now! :)