Christian and B's Wedding

Where do I even start?!? Saturday was a day for the record books. We have many weddings under our belt at this point BUT this one was different. When your own brother in law is the groom, it’s different. When your bestie is the bride, it’s different. When you yourself are helping the bride into her dress, it’s different!! Our hearts are so full as we share this post because it is DIFFERENT in all the most amazing ways! I can’t believe Will and I got to witness Christian and B get married this weekend AND that we got to be honored as wedding photographers AND that we were in the bridal party! We wouldn’t want it any other way!

Christian and B met while volunteering for the Blacksburg Rescue Squad (the same one that Will and I met at!) and were instantly best friends. They saved lives together, they joked together, they helped each other through the good and the bad. I still remember noisily asking Christian about B (before we knew her), and he got serious for a second and said “I’ve never had a friend like her before. I have never had someone I can talk to like that.” Please feel free to pause and say “Awwwwww!” if needed. It took a while, but it finally occurred to the two of them that they weren’t just best friends, they were in love!!

We started seeing more and more of B at our house, until it was more unusual not to see her than it was to see her! She quickly became a best friend as we learned quickly why Christian fell so hard for her!! B has a quick wit and always has us in stiches with her sarcastic joking. On top of that I love her southern charms! She is a southern gal through and through and she has taught me more about the south and southern living in the last two years than I have ever known!! More than anything I have loved seeing how happy she has made Christian and vise versa. They are a perfect pair!

It’s amazing what a perfect wedding day Christian and B had. The weather was unusually warm for Raleigh, NC at 60 degrees in late November!! It was also so wonderful seeing all the family and friends gather to see Christian and B say “I do” and become husband and wife. We have always loved seeing families join together on wedding days and it is especially awing when some of the family is your own!! So much love poured out and I’m so happy to see the support and love that these two are obviously surrounded by.

Here are a few of our favorites. We hope you love! Christian and B, if we haven’t said it yet, WE LOVE YOU!!! We are so blessed to have been able to capture your perfect day! I hope you are enjoying good food and good music on your honeymoon in your favorite getaway spot, Ashville, NC!! 

The florals by The Purple Poppy Florist where out of this world!!

Her dad gave her "something borrowed"...

B you are absolutely beautiful!!!


The gents found an awesome green porch to get ready on...


Off to the ceremony!!!

I love this venue!! So much history AND beautiful natural light!

Not a dry eye in the house...




Oh they were happy!

Oh hey you good looking bridal party you... :D !

Looking sharp baby Bull!

Had to post my own pic with the bride!!


She is so funny!!

To lunch at Second Empire!!!


Ceremony Venue | Mordeci Historic Park

Reception Venue | The Second Empire

Florist | The Purple Poppy Florist

Dress | Her mother's

Bridesmaid Dresses | Talbots

Groom and Groomsman Attire | Belk