Autumn "Gone Wild"

Sooooo we have this puppy. She is our puppy. Her name is Autumn. We love her. BUT she is absolutely insane so I had to make a post about the ridiculous things she does every day! I am sure all of you dog owners can relate, so feel free to share your own stories below! I love a crazy puppy story! A list of her craziest stunts/habits, so far...

1. Stands on the dining room table. AND if we tell her she needs to get down she sits in a chair at the dining room table and sulks while we eat dinner. We are such terrible people right?


2. Rearranges the yard with her favorite rearrangement being moving the wood pile. Maybe she's into Feng Shui? Either way I don't think her talents will be featured on HGTV. They just have a very particular style, you know...Β She has progressively gotten bolder with this "trick" and I'm just waiting for the day when she decides to move the canoe... Eek!

Just to be clear this drain pipe was once under the deck... covered with settled dirt... and a sand bag... I can't even figure out how she did that. She's only 30 pounds!


3. Flattens herself out to live under the bed. I call it the bat cave for Bat Dog, the raw-hide-chewing-protector-of-the-food-dish-super-hero that we all know and love.

Click to see the video:

IMG_1647 (1)

4. Unzips backpacks and purses.... It seems like a really cool trick right up until you are chasing her around in the back yard in your PJ's to get your feminine products back! The neighbors must keep a supply of pop corn on hand to enjoy the show! Oh and then she puts on this face like nothing happened:


5. Get's put in the corner of doggy training class for barking too much. I told my dad we were taking her to a training class and he asked if this was like doggy-etiquette training... I said we can call it that but it's more like her going to correctional-boot-camp... Love my crazy puppy!


6. And of course, eats away at our moneys... no literally:


7. Can't stand being in the back seat without a lap to sit on. If you let your guard down for one second she will pull a flying-Bat-Dog maneuver into your lap. You don't even need the Bat-Signal. Yes... that picture on the left is her sitting on the truck's console.


But we love her no matter what!!