Seven ways to Get the Most out of Your Portrait Session

We are pretty much still on cloud 9 after our new brand launched on Wednesday!! I can't even tell you how overwhelmed we are (in a good way!) with all the positive feedback! Thank you everyone for pouring out the support! I'm still walking around with the stupidest smile on my face because I just can't help it!!

With all the cold weather lately we are dreaming of the Spring when warm weather and portrait sessions are booming! With that in mind, we wanted to share seven of our favorite tips for preparing for a portrait session. We can work our magic for any circumstance, but there really cannot be enough said for being prepared! 

1. Be on time. This may seem super obvious, but it's too important to leave out! If you are working with natural light photographers (like ourselves!), they are working on the sun's schedule... and let me tell you that sun just refuses to wait! Being on time means we get to work in our favorite, planned lighting conditions and aren't competing with the quickly changing sun! 


2. Coordinate, don't match. SO many of our couples and families try and match each other with the exact same color, material, and pattern. We have actually found the best overall look is when colors and patterns are complimentary, not necessarily the exact same! Plus, this adds the feel of natural, everyday life verses a planned event! 

3. Bright colors. Even though bright colors may seem a little bold, they photograph beautifully! This is especially true against a natural or neutral backdrop! 

4. Relax, it's going to be fun! People are so nervous when getting ready for their picture to be taken. We totally get it! But in reality, all you need to do is show up. Your photographer will do all the work! So, let us take the pressure off and remember to just have fun! You rock, and we got this! ;) 

5. Bring meaningful details. This is another big one. Photographers LOVE incorporating details into any portrait session because it helps tell your story. This can be as simple as a favorite necklace, a baby's first blanket, a favorite Christmas ornament, or anything that is meaningful to your story or event! 

6. Use hair spray. I'm the first one to object to can of hairspray, trust me. I can never apply it without coughing! BUT a quick spray and patting down of little stray hairs will be worth it! Promise! 

7. Have a plan for using your images. This is unbelievably valuable! People worry so much about getting the pictures taken that they don't plan how they will be used. An image can be so powerful, but only if it's shared! Plan when you will make your album or visualize where new framed prints will go. That way when your photographer sends you pretty files, all you will have to do is choose which ones you love most!  

Our SPRING PORTRAIT SESSION DATES will be announced on MONDAY! Look out to grab your session before they are gone! 

What are your favorite ways to prep for getting your picture taken?!