The Monday Mess

Pig Roast 2014 finally arrived and I'm so excited to share some of my favorites from our annual backyard BBQ (with our Blacksburg locals). I should warn you that if you were looking for a scaled up, classy version of a backyard BBQ, you will need to keep looking. :) A couple things I learned at Pig Roast 2014:

  • Alex is TERRIFIED of small children. He tucked his tail between his legs and quivered as a three-year-old-sweetheart delightfully ran in tow attempting to pat him on the head. Not exactly guard dog material!
  • Our house is now referred to as "Chateau Bulloss" and our sun room is the "Stone Lounge" for irony, lol.
  • 149 pound pigs can feed an army... also a lot of friends AND probably everyone they have ever met. We will be freezing a lot of meat, which suits us just fine considering we like BBQ year round!
  • You literally cannot rain on our parade... because we will just move the party inside! A sudden downpour definitely took us all by surprise but the party lived on.

A few favs:

The early morning crowd (we started our day at 8am!)...


The grill master... and THAT hat...



This is as close as Alex dared to get to the dangerous, bottle wielding toddler...


Did I mention we had a who-can-dress-most-like-a-redneck competition?? I don't think we ever declared a winner......


Who needs sleeves on a Garth Brooks T?


So glad the competition made it to the front yard...





We got rained out for all of 5 minutes... we didn't end the night here but this is where I put down the camera and relaxed.