Photo Date with Recah

I know I have said it before, but it is so nice to have a fellow photographer in the family and one of my favorite new traditions is to have a photo date with Recah (of Fingerprint Design Studio) whenever we make a family visit! Seriously, what photographer doesn't love the idea of just going for a relaxing walk and having FUN taking pictures?! Ok let's be real, I ALWAYS have fun taking pictures, but what I am trying to say is that it's just nice not to be under any pressure and to have someone to geek out with for the day. We aren't trying to take professional pictures, we are just trying to have fun and maybe learn something new in the process! Anyways, we decided to walk around on Easter Sunday afternoon near Davidson, NC. As we were walking out the door Recah slipped it into conversation that technically it was against the law to take professional pictures in the town of Davidson. WHAT?! How is that a real thing?! It's a public area! Anyways we decided that since neither of us were getting paid for our little photo date that maybe we were protected... although we did have a good laugh at the thought of the two of us being arrested in the little town of Davidson... for taking pictures... on Easter Sunday!! Recah looked at me and said "Now THAT would be a good blog post!"


Is she adorable or is she adorable?!?


Annnnnnnd then we found our reflection...


Luckily we found someone to get a shot of the two of us...


We finished with our significant others at Brick House. The food was AMAZING!!