PASS | why our clients love it!

Delivering photos is kind of a big deal in our business, so I cannot believe I haven't blogged about this yet!! If I'm being completely honest, we only started using PASS to deliver our photos because it was recommended by Katelyn James, the wedding photographer extraordinaire. She is awesome, so why not right?? Well since then, we have considered other options and even tried a few out, but time and time again, PASS ALWAYS wins out. Why? - Well the biggest reason for us is that our clients LOVE it! ;) 

Put simply, PASS galleries are online photo galleries. Other than providing individual photo galleries for each of our clients, it also has SO many bonus features that our clients rave about! We have found that the galleries continue this well rounded experience that we want every client to have. Giving each couple or family a well rounded experience starts with the first contact through delivering the photos. We want that last step to be just as exciting as the rest of our time together!

why OUR Clients love it

  • Easy image downloads. Since we use PASS to deliver our images, this was one of the most basic, yet most important features we wanted. Our clients and any of their family and friends can easily download the entire gallery or one image at a time. 
  • STUNNING design. This is a big one for us. Not only do we want to provide a form of delivery that does the photos justice, but we also want to provide something that people are excited to show off. Passing around an old flash drive is not nearly as exciting as sharing a beautiful gallery at a custom URL!! 
  • Storage for TEN years! Instead of shuffling around for a CD, a flash drive, or a folder on the computer, our clients have EASY access to their images anywhere they go for 10 years! Other online galleries have a data storage limit or a shorter life time. This feature is so valuable to us because it is so valuable to our clients. We will stay with PASS for this feature alone!
  • The mobile app! I don't know about you, but if I can't get it on my phone, it no longer exists. Since most of our brides are in our age range, they feel the same way! PASS has a super easy to use mobile app, and the photos can even be made to be available off line! 
  • Prints and canvases can be ordered right from the gallery. We give printing and sharing rights to our clients so they can print from anywhere they like. We offer prints through PASS so that our clients have easy access to a professional printer with the added bonus of being able to order right from the gallery! 
  • Sharing! PASS was built for photographers that want clients to freely share their photos, and we are totally on board with that! There are built-in features so that anyone can post right to Facebook, Instagram, other social media, or email. Instagram and Twitter are features specific to mobile and we are so glad they are included! So easy! 

There are so many reasons to give PASS a shout-out but our favorite reason is because it provides a well rounded experience for our clients! They love it and so do we!