What We Learned in One Year of Marriage

I cannot believe it was our one year anniversary yesterday!! How is it that a whole year has already passed by?? Seriously, I still consider us newly weds! I'm going to have to stop saying "my husband and I were recently married" to random people I meet... I guess I should stop doing that anyways. Anyways, I thought I would share some of our fun first-year-of-marriage-lessons. Disclaimer: I am not trying to give marriage advice! We have been married ONE year and believe that in NO WAY qualifies us to give advice! I am just sharing some fun lessons that WE learned from OUR marriage. If you are looking for advice I suggest sharing a cup of coffee for that couple that has been married for 40+ years and is still madly in love.

1. The toilette paper MUST go on the roll with the paper being dispensed from the top!! Oh boy, can we talk about built up frustration from that one lol! Will just came up to me one day and said "Will you PLEASE put the toilet paper on the RIGHT way already!!" I'm pretty sure we both laughed hysterically soon after considering we realized how these itty bitty details build up!


2. Speaking of these itty bitty details, it is OK to sweat the small stuff. Yes, yes, I know I got the saying wrong BUT bare with me. Will and I bicker constantly about the most mundane of details like the toilet paper, where the kitchen utensils should go, or what file folder to buy BUT we rarely argue about the BIG stuff. Somehow which drawer holds a fork is a point of tension but money, the house, grad school, starting a business, etc comes up and suddenly we have each others backs 100% (all of you folks out there who exaggerate percentages would say 200%). It works for us!


3. It's hard not to get older when you are married. Does that sound ridiculous? Yup. What I mean is my crazy college days were also a about a year ago but it feels like a whole different life. We have realized that if we want to keep our fun social lives alive then it takes a little more work to make it happen. I don’t know what evil magical force tries to pull all married couples off the face of the earth, but it does require some effort to fight it off... Maybe when we reach black-belt status in this type of martial arts we'll teach a class! ;)


4. We like babies but we are not on the baby-band-wagon yet. Everyone thinks if you get married young and think babies are cute that means you want to start popping out babies right away. Sorry, not always true! Will and I love just being together and want to have our own adventures (mostly traveling) before we start a family. It's definitely in the plans for "one day" but that "one day" is not anywhere close to right now.

5. We have an unwritten game called Who Can Wait the Longest Before Caving in and Doing the Laundry. I think that it is both of our least favorite chore, but don't worry we do eventually get it done! Our dogs play a similar game called Who Can Make Doing the Laundry Most Difficult and they both always win...


6. Juggling is only fun to watch. Will and I are constantly busy with everything that we try and take on and are not fond of the juggling game. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE all the projects that we do, but we have found that our marriage often takes the back seat. It's just one of the things we get to work on and it does make the moments we do get together extra special.

7. We love each other!! Ok, we knew this before we got married (THANK GOD) but I think it's worth saying since we find new reasons to love each other everyday! Does that sound braggy? Oh well, I'm ok with it.

Photo credit: Essential Sunshine Photography


We obviously learned more than just 7 things in our first year together but I won't get into everything! I should also mention that we would never have the relationship that we do without our faith and all the love and support from our families. Seriously I could go on for days about this but I will save it for another time.

I would love to here some of your first year moments! Feel free to share below! :)