Our Two Year Anniversary!!

It's hard to believe that 2 years ago today Will and I said our vows in front of all our family and friends. How has time gone by so fast?! I'm sure everyone says that on their anniversary, but it's true! There are small parts of the day that are actually slipping from my head, but there are a lot parts that I will never forget - I think the memory that is still the most vivid is walking out of the front door of Rockwood Manor with my dad and seeing Will standing there. We were both a wreck in that moment, but seeing him was like lifting a weight from my shoulders. He really is my rock... oh gosh, I'm going to have to stop right there before I well up! Seriously... :) 

Last year, we recapped a few of the things we learned in one year of marriage and we got a lot of good feedback from that post! So, here are a few lessons we learned this year!! Enjoy! 

Disclaimer: I gave this disclaimer in our first post and it still stands - I am NOT trying to give marriage advice because we have been married TWO years not twenty! These are just a highlight of some of our most valuable (or humorous) lessons from our most recent year of marriage.

All images by Essential Sunshine Photography

1. Patience. I hate to get super real so fast, but I think it's the most important lesson that we learned between year 1 and 2 and it's definitely an ongoing one! As we learn to forgive each other's faults, the best gift we can give one another is patience and I'm glad we figured it out.

2. Jess cleans, Will does laundry. Oh gosh yall, during our first year we were all about equally dividing up every chore and that just didn't work! We both hate the tedious chores of domestic life, so dividing up all chores equally just meant that nothing got done! Now we divide up the work but have complete ownership of different chores. It's way more effective... or at least more effective! ;)  

3. Will mastered the random questions game. Sooo, I know there have got to be a few lovely ladies out there that are with me in this one. I ask some intentionally ridiculous questions to Will. Examples: "Does this make me look fat?" "Who would you marry if I died?" "Wait, you would remarry?!" Welp, most of these are pretty easy for a guy to answer without getting into trouble but I've been getting more complicated with these scenarios, BUT he just won't answer wrong!! :) It's adorable and frustrating and makes us laugh hard! 

4. Jess mastered the most effective ways to chase Will out of the kitchen. Will is the best BUT if I'm cooking dinner he CANNOT help but give his opinion on even the most mundane of things like which pan would work much better for what I'm trying to do. So far, chasing him out with a spatula has worked the best! :D! 

5. Celebrate the small stuff. Big stuff like anniversaries (yay!), birthdays, and holidays are easy to celebrate and should be celebrated! But little things like getting a small promotion, mastering a new area of our small business (like taxes!), or any other little thing that only matters to us should still be celebrated, even if only through big hugs and excited text messages. 

6. Make time for us. Between our jobs, and rescue work, and the business, it's easy for us to fill our days and forget that marriages need time too! This is one of those things that I don't know if we will ever 100% figure out but we keep giving ourselves the reminder!

7. Make time for God. It's way too easy to forget the most important things in our lives. We started regularly attending service in our area and it has been one of the biggest blessings of the year. So often we think we can get by on our own but it's so far from true!