New Website and Blog!

So, I am NOT a web designer and I have never been more aware of this than over the last couple weeks and months.  Will and I have been working on the new branding together and have spent long hours trying to put it all together. If there is a design style out there that you can think of, we have probably considered it. Starting out with branding is so difficult and not for the reasons I would have guessed. I thought it would be hard to come up with designs and ideas. NOPE! So wrong. The difficult part was coming up with ideas that represented Will and I. After all, branding isn't just about looking good, its about showing the world a design that matches who you are.

If that sounds ridiculous, it probably is. I have had design on the brain for weeks and I am starting to feel like I am back in college and have studied for a test too long! I'm sure everyone knows the feeling I am talking about.

This is what I have learned while trying to match Will and I with a design:

We like to show off, but we don't like to be flashy.

We are not modern, but we are hip.

Being "cutesie" is not our thing, but warm and cozy always will be.

Anything with laughter is our favorite photo.

As far a colors go, we love the simple, subdued ones. Any neutrals or pastels are A.O.K. with us!


We are changing everyday so one day our branding will too, but for now we are in love with this new design!

Here is some of our new branding. Check out more on our Facebook page, on twitter, and of course this new website and blog!!


va-wedding-photography-1298va-wedding-photographers-1299 va-wedding-photographers-1301va-wedding-photographers-1300I am in love with the new custom buttons and contact us widget! Thank you again to Design Aglow and ProPhoto!va-wedding-photography-1304va-wedding-photographers-1302Bulloss-photography-will-and-jess-1303

Our new branding extends to Facebook and Twitter, of course!va-wedding-photography-1305bulloss-va-wedding-photographers_0136va-wedding-photographer-twitter-1306

Credits: ProPhoto4 and Design Aglow!