Two Dogs and Counting... NO Not Counting

Autumn has been begging us for a little brother for some time now... OMG NO that is not true. I need to stop treating my dog like my child. That's how you end up with 12 cats (or dogs in this case) and no friends. HOWEVER, we could tell that she might benefit from having another four legged creature to "hang" with so Will and I started looking for another rescue pup. We found a courtesy listing for a couple who had rescued a litter of puppies and had been caring for them for about 4-5 months while trying to find them good homes. They had one pup left so we headed down to meet Alex, the most gentle, good natured pup you could ever meet!! He rushed right to the door wagging his tail so hard that his whole back end moved along with him and even tripped him up! We couldn't believe this is the dog that they were trying to give away!

The meeting with Autumn was eventful as she has, to our knowledge, never successfully lived with another dog before and was barking like crazy as we brought Alex to meet her. All went decently well, other than Autumn notifying the whole neighborhood that we had another dog. They actually balance each other out really well. Autumn is full of adventurous energy and Alex is relaxed and cautious. Together they have managed a little joint mischief but for the most part they have just been constantly together playing and wrestling and doing puppy things.



I wanted to get a photo of them together...


You know, I nice shot of them both sitting and looking at the camera...


Loving each other...


But instead I got this...


And this...


This will have to do...



Autumn was stressing over her stash of bones in the yard...


Wait... did we just become best friends?!?


When you have a friend, you pull drain pipes out of the deck more easily... UGH!