National Sibling Day


So I just found out that it was national sibling day yesterday but it struck at just the right time considering I've been feeling extra sappy these days. Sorry Kim, you did not escape without me posting embarrassing photos of us from our childhood! Let the heart-felt memories begin! Here are just a few reasons why I love my little sister (other than that whole biologically-required thing):

Because we survived bowl-cuts and matching outfits together...


Because if it weren't for my sister, I would have NO style! Anytime I get a compliment on my outfit, it was usually something Kim picked out for me. Thank you for not letting me wear jeans and a baggy T-shirt everyday of my life!


Because we escalate each others bad ideas, like that time our family picture turned into us wearing adult onsies... Oh Walmart, why do you even make those?!


Because she commands the dance floor...


Photo Cred: Essential Sunshine Photography

Because she thinks camo is cool...


Because it takes us 10 tries to take a pic that we both agree can go on Instagram... Also, sorry that I just posted all the rejects on the internet...


Because all those sappy things I am supposed to say like that she is a shoulder to cry on, she is supportive, blah blah generic-heart-felt-comment. Love you baby sister!