The Monday Mess: Easter

We have been going, going, going this week because I had the crazy idea to see both families for Easter this year. Honestly, it really doesn't sound so crazy until I confess that my parents are 4 hours north of us and Will's family is 2 hours south! Gah! I must have been feeling a little of my ADD when making these travel plans! Oh well/shoulder shrug. While it was many hours on the road, it never ceases to amaze me the breath of fresh air that family can give us. Maybe it's because we feel most at home with family or because they know us best, but whatever it is, we are so thankful to have it even if only for a few quickly passing days. 

I don't know why I didn't end up taking any pictures up in Fredericksburg with my family, but I will have to make up for that when we travel there next! Please enjoy some of our favorites from the Easter celebration with Will's family:

We got to meet Lilly this weekend! She is the sweetest new addition to all the four legged members of our extended family!


Papa is 85 this week and loves working in the yard so the gentlemen thought to get him a new, easy-moving mower! He loved it!

The "standard" pictures make it into albums or on the wall, but the "silly" ones will ALWAYS be my favorite...