The Monday Mess

I'm currently typing you from my parents house in Fredericksburg, VA. It's not a long way away from my usual spot at my kitchen counter in Blacksburg, VA, but it does mean that this weekend included a bit of travel! It's becoming routine to have at least several hours on the road each weekend, and I'm loving the chance to finish some audio books and catch up on my favorite podcasts! I don't know where the "long and lonely road" is but I haven't found it yet! :D

We started in Blacksburg, VA this weekend with a little fire in the backyard and invited a few friends over. It's was a very long 60 hour work week at the day job and this was the perfect way to unwind back into "real life." Will had an equally busy week, so this was much needed! Autumn and Alex enjoyed new laps to sit on and marsh mellows to steal. They love company as much as we do! Also, Autumn thinks she's people...


On Saturday, we had the sweetest engagement session with Kim and Trey! I'm only going to show a few pics today because the full blog post is coming TOMORROW!! You aren't going to want to miss our little sneak up onto the roof of Lane Stadium! 

Saturday night and Sunday I spent with my pops. We went to see a movie and played with my sister's new Huskey pup! Sage is 12 weeks old and has every bit of energy you could imagine. He thunders around, flopping in laps and chasing after everything! He isn't particularly coordinated yet so I saw MANY little flops and falls, although these didn't seem to stop him for long! Twice I saw him slide right into and past his water bowl and then looked around like he didn't know what happened!! That will stop being cute one day BUT yesterday was not that day. 

Annnd dad mimicking Sage's teething habits... haha!