The Monday Mess

I'm writing this Monday Mess in an oversized hoody with big fuzzy socks on my feet... and you know what that means?!? IT'S ALMOST FALL!!! Fall is by far my favorite time of year and it always feels so short in the mountains. You are going to get tired of hearing me say it very soon, BUT Fall is greatest time of the year!! 

This weekend went by way too fast, as they tend to do. We started on Friday with The Avett Brothers' concert in Blacksburg to celebrate Bunny's birthday. This was our first bluegrass concert, and I've got to say that it was pretty awesome (and totally shocking) to see a violinist head banging!! The coordination alone that it must take to do that would certainly be impossible for someone like me. I'm still working on the whole pat your head at the same time as rubbing your belly trick! :) Anyways, they didn't play my favorite song of theirs (Swept Away, our wedding song) but it was amazing none the less!!

On Saturday, we headed south to Raleigh, NC to meet up with Christian, B, Heather, DJ, and Heather and DJ's newborn baby girl, Carleigh, to watch some Hokie football and meet the little one for the first time. She is, of course, the sweetest, cutest thing ever and she won us over immediately - as if anyone is at all surprised by that! We spent the afternoon watching the Hokies dominate and listened to the Raleigh folk try and convince us to move to NC and have babies. This is not working in case anyone was wondering! We are happy, baby-free Blacksburgers for the time being! :) We all got to meet Carleigh and hear those sweet newborn baby noises she makes. I swear she melted my heart with those little sniffles, grunts, and baby kicks! Plus seeing Heather and DJ as parents was beyond adorable! They seem like they were born to do this! 

On Saturday night we headed down to the warehouse district of downtown Raleigh with Christian and B and enjoyed some upscale BBQ and a few cocktails! The perfect end to a wonderful day. We even got to see their place in Raleigh and loved getting to spend time in their corner of the world. We are very much enjoying seeing these two every week and are going to be very disappointed in the next month or two when we will not have that luxury!! 

What a weekend! Enjoy some of our favorites...

They are deliriously happy...


Look at those eyes and SMILE!

Christian and B made us the BEST breakfast with homemade hash-browns... YUM!! The dish will be  going on our make-believe menu at our non-existent restaurant :D